Make Sure You Know Your Women’s Rights

Violence Against Women

There is no doubt that the violence against women is a costly sin that is bring committed in this world for ages and there is no mention of this atrocity getting stopped or being reduced and we see that it is always on the incline everyday. One of the most important things that a woman needs to know first is that she has an equal right as a man in this world and there is also a law in place that will support this. All the other rights of a woman are truly based on the equality of woman to man policy. This means that all kinds of discrimination against women and most importantly violence against women is not at all tolerated and the miscreant would be getting the maximum punishment if found guilty.

Gender Based Violence

There is a gender based violence protection law that is in force that will come to the rescue of women who have had to face sexual torture or domestic violence or physical abuse or drug abuse or psychological harm in their public or private life. If a woman has suffered any of the above mentioned traumas, she can very well seek legal help and register cases against her employer or tenant or even her husband under the gender based violence act that is clearly mentioned in the declaration on the elimination on the violence against women.  There are three specific areas that ahs been identified by the human rights watch where violence against women commonly take place. One of the areas where violence against women is seen very common is in their family where tortures like sexual abuse of female children, marital rape, dowry related violence, widow violence, mutilation of female genitals and so on. There are few physical, sexual and psychological torturers that a woman could face in the society and community like sexual harassment, rape, forced prostitution, trafficking of women and intimidation of work. Also, the law is abiding on the citizens who carry out physical, sexual or psychological advances on women that occur in government establishments or other private offices.

Sexism Against Women    

There is a common belief that is still prevailing today that a woman is inferior to a man. This policy has long been thrown out of the window and now both men and women have equal rights. A woman is now provided with an equal right to work in any field that a man works in and she even does not need to prove her right to work in these fields. A woman has all the rights in her hand to demand justice and to take the offender to court if she has been a victim of discrimination in her office or her family or her society. A woman has every right to demand equality in customs, practices as well as her jobs and no discrimination of any sort needs to be tolerated by women. Equality is a principal right for a woman and if you find that you are abused or used or discriminated by a man then you have the right to seek redress and take charge of your woman power.


Violence against women is a deadly thing that is stopping women to achieve her equality rights and it is important for a woman who has been a victim of discrimination of any sort to come out in the open and to fight for her legal rights. There are laws in place that will be covering all the aspects of discrimination against women and always bear in mind that violence against women is violation of the freedom and the rights of a woman.