Civil Rights Protects You From Unjust Treatment At Workplace

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Civil Rights Protects You From Unjust Treatment At Workplace

Ill Treatment At Workplace

There are many people who have been victims of ill treatment or unjust treatment at their workplace. They are not aware that there are a lot of civil rights law in place that will protect them from unjust treatment meted out to them at their workplace or by their higher officials. They feel that they are powerless and cannot raise their voice against their company or their employers as they are worried about the future of their job in the workplace. But, if you know that there are a lot of civil rights laws to protect you at your workplace you will be able to breathe easy in your workplace and also will be able to carry out your work smoothly and fear free. So, knowledge of the regulations that prohibit indiscrimination and ill treatment will help you in a long way while working in a company.

Civil Right Act

One of the most important and crucial civil rights law that you need to follow and know about is the Title VII of civil rights law that deals with employee and employer relationship. This is a very important and all encompassing law that will provide with all the necessary protection laws for an employee. There are different types of discrimination that an employee will be facing from his or her employer. Some of the most common discriminations are: sex, disability, handicap, nationality, caste, religion, other national workers and so on. The Title VII civil rights act is against all the sorts of discrimination that is mentioned above and you can very well sue your employer if you have been a victim of any of the above discrimination. Sexual harassment is a very common form of discrimination that you will find in many workplaces and you can always seek the help of discrimination attorney or civil rights lawyer to get justice and to bring your employer into the court of law.

Certain Common Workplace Civil Right Laws

A handicapped or an employee with a disability cannot be terminate from the job or cannot be denied promotion by the company on impairment grounds. If the disable person is able to carry out is job properly, then he has to be viewed one among the many able persons and also special reservations and accommodations may be provided to them within permitted levels. Men and women who have been given a similar type of job have to be paid the same salary and there should be no gender bias in the workplace. Any acts of discrimination towards women who are pregnant or have recently given birth will come under the purview of the pregnancy discrimination act in a workplace. There is also an age discrimination civil rights employment act out there that will be protecting employees who are over 40 years of age and they will be secured for different requisites in their career.

Seek Attorney Help 

If you have been a victim of discrimination in your workplace, then you can very well seek the help of a qualified civil rights attorney to get justice. It is important for you to provide all the inputs about your discrimination to the attorney so that he or she will be able to help you out easily through the law points and get you the justice that you deserve. It will be better off for you to seek help from a qualified and experienced civil rights attorney who is proficient enough in handling cases that are similar to yours as he will be in a better position to read your case and will be able to guide you better throughout the case.

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